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Default Re: Post the dumbest things you've heard said on InsideHoops

Originally Posted by houston
Of course that why I said slightly. Robinson was MVP that season. Hakeem was third team all-nba along with Cylde Drexler. Glide played great during that playoff run Dream don't win his second without him.

But Hakeem is nothing but a top 20 player all-time player, AT BEST. His career is similar to Kevin Garnett or Moses Malone.Non of those two top 10. It can be stated the 97 season if David Robinson wouldn't got hurt Hakeem wouldn't got first team all-nba that season. Plus Hakeem played with the best available veteran talent in the 90s.

Slight variation to an otherwise cool ass post

When you look at 1991-1998, the worst two champions were Hakeem's two Rockets teams by a wide margin. The worst losing teams were very arguably the two teams Hakeem beat for the title.

Jordan won 6 times in a row when playing the full season, and beat much better teams than the Rockets en-route to every single one of those 6 times. So to say Hakeem, captaining the worst two championship teams in an 8 year span, would've beat the best championship team in that span, is ludicrous.

Especially when you consider that the best Bulls teams were from 92-93 and '96. Literally book ending Hakeem's titles. That's because those were Jordan's peak years. Hakeem would've beat peak Jordan? Gimmie a break. . .only happens if Jordan got hit by a car before the series.

And of course the biggest reason Hakeem beat Shaquille in '95 was due to his role players goin' berserk, hence the "Clutch City" moniker. One teammate averaged 17 ppg and 10 rpg in that Finals, another 21.5 ppg and 9.5 rpg, and yet another teammate who averaged 16.3 ppg, on ALMOST SIXTY THREE PERCENT SHOOTING, and whose team outscored O'Neal's at the line by about 50 points I thinks, yet folks say he had no help, are you ******* KIDDIN' me? Don't forget Hakeem's Barkley free throws away from having just one ring, before Mario Elie delivers his kiss of death 3, once again having a role player come through to bail him out. If James' last ring is an asterisk, well what do we call this?

Yet this is the same guy that trashes and denounces Wilt putting up numbers like that series he provided his in whole SEASONS and playoff series, yet always just says 6 > 2, or 11 > 2, yet when the same logic is used on him, is when he wants to throw up the SAME empty stats he spends every waking minute of his life on this website trashing another player for, what a hypocrite
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