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Default Re: Warriors interested in trading for Hinrich?

Originally Posted by chazzy
Wow Barnes AND a pick for just Lowry?? Backup PGs really aren't that important especially when you have a guy in Iguodala who can be a playmaker himself.

Yes, Barnes and a pick for Lowry. It's not outlandish. I'm not saying that Lowry is necessarily a better player than Barnes but there's reasons why the Warriors should do it.

First of all, The dubs second unit always looks consistently lost because there's no one off the bench who can consistently handle the rock and make plays. Iguodala is somewhat out of the question because he plays mostly with the first unit. Also, Steph is getting tired and its showing. That's why I feel the W's badly need a backup point guard. Teams have been throwing their best defenses at Steph, double teaming and playing him physical. Having Lowry would allow Steph to get some rest, and also play off the ball a little bit so that defenses don't hound him as much.

So yes, backup point guards are very important. At least in this instance. And I'm willing to give up HB to get a decent backup. Everyone treats HB like some untouchable "potential" but at this point that's all he really is . . . "potential". And people get too hung up on that. At this point I think Harrison is for the most part replaceable. Draymond Green has been playing well. Maybe not exactly on par with HB, but what we gain in Lowry would offset the loss of Barnes.

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