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Default Re: Most Disappointing Contest Dunker?

Originally Posted by Rake2204
I am with you in regards to Larry Hughes. However, in reference to Clarence Weatherspoon, I must respectfully disagree. I thought Weatherspoon had a really solid contest for its time:

Yes, some of dunks were standard, but I felt his style, flavor, and power enhanced them to a significant degree. That regular two-hand bounce dunk actually looked pretty sweet to me, with his head nearing the rim and whatnot. And his 360 cuff, in my opinion, is one of the most overlooked dunks in contest history.

Where would Clarence stand now if he had that contest in 2014? Probably not too impressive. But for '93? I'd hardly call his performance disappointing, let along horribly embarrassing. Perhaps you were thinking of fellow 76er Tim Perry?

Ya know what, I was thinking of Tim Perry. I didny think Spoon was aweseome but it was Perry who was brutal. Yup, my bad.
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