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Default Re: Wilt Chamberlain vs Bill Russell 1968 EDF stats

Originally Posted by stanlove1111
No you will have to stop acting like you are in a court of law and you are doing the bidding of your client. Its obvious from reading at the time and watching video of the two that Russell blocked his shots to teammates at a much better rate then Wilt. To deny it makes you a clown. One of Wilt's coaches even admitted he tried to talk to Wilt about it. Russell was the best defender ever..Period. There is no stat for that.

IT can not be proven that Wilt was a better passer. And for most of his career he sure was not a better outlet passer. They averaged about the same assists per game and Wilt obviously had the ball in his hands more often. Don't tell me you are going to base this on a couple of Wilt's best years and one when it was his goal to league the league in assists. Russell only cared about winning.

You can on and on with all the stats you want, but one thing I know is Russell was winning the MVP awards until he was in his 30 and past his prime.

And Russell only failed the win a title once in his career when not hurt and he had the same kind of talent that Wilt enjoyed from 65-73 when he won 2.

Again stop acting like some kid who just found a stat book.

So Russell winning his last MVP at age 30 means what?

Wilt won his last MVP at 31 (the third of three in a row.) And while Russell retired at age 34, Chamberlain won a FMVP at age 35.

The reality was, Chamberlain was considered the better player the first day he stepped onto the court. He not only won ROY, he easily won the MVP in his very first season. By the mid-to-late 60's he was winning three straight MVP's by landslides. And he was clearly robbed of MVPs in both '62 and '64.

Not only that, in their ten years in the league together, Chamberlain held a 7-2 margin in First Team All-NBA selections.
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