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Default Re: Dennis Rodman Goes Nuts on CNN about N. Korea

Originally Posted by flipogb
except its not, this isn't some small setting. there is a bigger picture and Rodman has nothing to do with that big picture, hes just a basketball player and that is what he is there for. His stance is just if basketball does some good then so be it, he never claimed to go there with the purpose of turning N Korea and US into friends

It doesn't work that way. Rodman consorting with a dictator is basically spitting in the face of the families of all of those were murdered or tortured by a regime. A regime that we know continues its brutal tactics into this very day.

If Larry Bird had been hanging out with Saddam Hussein, would that have been acceptable? It's all about using smart judgment, Rodman apparently has none, he's an attention whore starving for his last 15 minutes and sadly enough the only place he can get it is from a brutal tyrant.
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