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Default Re: Less talk about rep points and poster gossip, MORE TALK ABOUT NBA!

Originally Posted by dr.hee
Maybe making more topics about which topics you don't like would help to reduce the attention you get
Why do you keep making this about ME?

This isn't about me.. never has been and never will.

I make a thread about the garbage I find in 99% of threads. People agree with me. Most people lurked this thread and agreed and are now conscious of not posting pointless crap.

Stop making it about Budadiiii, and start making this about us, you know, the community...

You got your trolls, and your troll enablers. And then you got your irrelevant posters trying to make a name by throwing rocks and the throne, as if the shit is doing damage.

Point is, you're irrelevant on here and always have been/will be.
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