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Default Re: Bynum to Miami a real possibility?

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
He played a lot more than anyone expected in Cleveland. During the last month or so of his stay, he was giving 20-25 minutes every night and even playing back-to-backs, which he hadn't been doing early in the season.

If his attitude is in the right place, Bynum still has something to contribute in this league. His movement has slowed considerably, meaning if an entry pass is a little too high, a little too low or a little to the outside, it's likely going to be a turnover. But, his game always relied a lot on his massive size and skillset. He still has both of those things working for him.

There were quite a few games this year where Bynum had dominant stretches. Not just good, but dominant. He can't do it consistently anymore, but on a team like Miami or OKC, he wouldn't have to.

Still, the lockerroom issues need to be examined before he is signed. He is capable of being a pretty big distraction if his head isn't on straight.
If Wade and Lebron could right Beasly they can right Bynum too.
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