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Default Re: Bynum to Miami a real possibility?

Originally Posted by jzek
I don't know how this works but isn't Miami like 100 billion dollars over the cap already?
The cap isn't really relevent. Bynum's priority would have to be showing he can play again so he'll be on the minimum in a situation where he'll have a good opportunity to showcase himself and have relatively low expectations (this clearly fits Miami, though also OKC, though he arguably doesn't fit their "high character" model, and it is considered less desirable as a location). More relevent is the luxury tax (at between $10m and $15m above the tax each dollar on salary costs and additional $2.50. So the real cost is 3.5x the salary. However on a minimum and with a title in play this won't be an issue.
Originally Posted by jzek
Also, they will need to cut somebody so who will it be?
The three lowest amongst minutes played (not counting Oden) are Roger Mason (179); James Jones (63) and whilst now having been with the Heat for a while he's had an ever decreasing role; and Joel Anthony (35) whose absolutely abysbal offensive game and lack of rebounding skills makes him hard to play, but he has played more than Jones in the past couple of playoff runs).

My guess is maybe Jones goes. Anthony will still have to be payed next year anyway and with potential new arrival Bynum, Oden and Chris Andersen all having worrying injury histories Anthony gives them something of a stable facsimilie of conventional center (on defense anyway).

Originally Posted by jzek
Isn't he injured as well? They'll have Oden and Bynum injured so why go after 'drew?

Just one big dream?
He is injured, or at least he isn't fully recovered from the knee injury that kept him out last year. Whether he ever will be is open question. So why go after him? Because he's still youngish, he'll be cheap (cash wise and costing no assets except the above mentioned release of a player unlikely to make the periphery of the playoff rotation) and if he can be anything close to his LA self he'll provide a substantial improvement on the low end minutes Miami is getting from say Udonis Haslem, as well as giving Miami a different look in the playoffs to pick and choose their matchups.

Indeed the fact that Oden is so uncertain is all the more reason to go for an alternative. If Miami were confident of a healthy (and competent) Oden for the playoffs, the move might not make sense for chemistry reasons. They aren't so another alternative would be useful.
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