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Default Re: "Kobe is more skilled than Jordan"

Originally Posted by Black and White
Kobe is my favourite player, but the only thing he is better than Jordan at is shooting, Kobe has more range, footwork is another factor that is comparable, but Jordan had great post play and footwork too, the rest, Jordan has more skill.
Exactly. Better ISO, "And 1" era handles. Not that MJ wasn't a great, or creative ball handler himself. He had a street style in his day too.

In 2002, and 2003 he even adopted new era dribble mechanics.

Handle, and Kobe's ability to shoot off the dribble are it in terms of being more skillful than Jordan. And possibly the long ball.

He's not more skillful. He doesn't have better footwork. He's comparable. Put in the work in the gym to have similar skills to Jordan. But anyone saying otherwise that he's better is speaking out their ass.

Kobe has a more wiry frame, smaller shoulders. MJ had superior strength, broad shoulders and hands. Also Kobe was athletic, but Jordan is at the pinnacle of the mountain when it comes to athleticism. He was quicker, faster, more durable, higher leaper etc.
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