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Default Re: "Kobe is more skilled than Jordan"

Lol at Jordan stans itt. I mean, I'm one myself but you guys are taking it to the extreme.

Here's what Kobe's more skilled at:

- Isolation handles. Easily. He played in the And-1 era, it comes by default.
- Shot-making. Any point in denying this?
- Long-rage shooting. Higher 3P% with longer line, higher volume, worse shot selection. Lol.


- Footwork. Both players had GOAT level footwork.
- Post-up game. We do NOT know Jordan's post-up numbers. What we do know are Kobe's post up numbers. Chew on this: Via Synergy, he has been top 3 in post-up points per shot every year since he started implementing it (08). He has consistently shot around high 50's-60 FG% from the post.

What makes MJ's post game more "famous" is the fact that in his era, clearing a side was no biggie. As easy as making a layup in practice if you had a team like the Bulls. Dude could ISO all day. In Kobe's era GL trying to get MJ that many post ups in today's era lol.
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