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Default Re: "Kobe is more skilled than Jordan"

Originally Posted by SamuraiSWISH
Pretty much. In essence Kobe is a carbon copy of Jordan's skill set. He has more willingness to launch the long ball.

Anyone claiming Kobe is more skilled has no clue what they're talking about. Even footwork, Kobe's entire footwork / post game is predicated on Jordan's originality.

Jordan definitely had superior off the ball, as well as catch and shoot skills. MJ had the superior IQ, athletic ability, and even more homicidal level of competitiveness.

First off you claimed Julius Erving was not very skilled outside of dunking. Second you claim Jordan was a great 3 point shooter based on a miniscule sample size.
Third you are so far up Jordan hiney you'd probably say Shaq learned to dominate in the paint watching Jordan.

You are the last person to judge someones "skill set" so STFU
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