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Default Re: "Kobe is more skilled than Jordan"

Kobe is not "more skilled" than Jordan at all. The ONLY area where he comes close is footwork, and isolation handles, where he has the edge on Jordan (not isolation scoring, though, because there's more to that than just handles).

Jordan absolutely SHITS on Kobe as an off the ball player, and he knew how to use defenders' momentum, find gaps in the defense, and use his teammates' positions in ways that Kobe has never demonstrated. He was a brilliant offensive ball player on a level beyond Kobe. He was also the better post player (lol @ anyone thinking Kobe's a better post player ) , rebounder (by a good margin), passer/playmaker, and defender (especially team/help/off ball defense, where he DESTROYS Kobe - he had the best understanding of defensive spacing ever - I didn't say that, Chuck Daly did).
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