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Default Re: "Kobe is more skilled than Jordan"

Originally Posted by TheMilkyBarKid
I know for sure that MJ got heavily into weights when he still couldn't get past the pistons. He was looking to add on some muscle so he could better deal with their physicality. I believe that is when he began working with Tim Grover.
So that would've been late 80's/turn of the decade.

Yeah, I remember something being said about that as well. I would have to find the video where Jordan said that he didn't condition himself as good during his 1st three peat compared to his 2nd one tho.

Originally Posted by Breezy
I see the Long range shooting but I honestly don't get the footwork and ball handling advantage some people think kobe has. At best I see it as a push.

Am I crazy?!?!?!

Kobe was more fancier and like A.I, he brought street ball handling more into the NBA. Jordan was more efficient and quicker to the point. He could also cross you up tho.

Footwork is a different story. Kobe could do all the things Jordan could do, but Jordan was quicker, which probably gives him the edge imo.

Look at how quick Jordan made his move that throws the defense off guard, especially on the shimmy fadeaways:

Look at Kobe footwork while similar, just not as quick:

Both know where to place their pivot foot to fake out their opponents. Jordan was quicker. Not only with his footwork, but quicker in attacking and making his move. Jordan had a better up and under move due to his quickness imo. Kobe takes his time. Kobe could be more creative in his approach.

But you can find more videos that show more examples of the two footwork.

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