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Default Re: "Kobe is more skilled than Jordan"

Originally Posted by SamuraiSWISH
Pretty much. In essence Kobe is a carbon copy of Jordan's skill set. He has more willingness to launch the long ball.

Anyone claiming Kobe is more skilled has no clue what they're talking about. Even footwork, Kobe's entire footwork / post game is predicated on Jordan's originality.

Jordan definitely had superior off the ball, as well as catch and shoot skills. MJ had the superior IQ, athletic ability, and even more homicidal level of competitiveness.

Yeah right. Show me some proof. Kobe's always had great footwork. The way they play in the post is very different. Yeah, they both spam the turnaround shot the most, but apart from that? MJ was more of a quick hitting post-up player. He caught the ball and immediately made his move. He used a pump-fake up and under move quite often (Kobe very rarely does this), and he also did spins way more often than Kobe does. Kobe when he posts up almost always has a live dribble going for about 3+ seconds and he does a lot more pivots and running hooks than MJ ever did.

And that second part about competitiveness is just plain made up. Both players, along with guys like Duncan and Bird etc have GOAT level competitiveness. You can't really say "this dude was more competitive".
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