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Default Re: Wilt Chamberlain vs Nate Thurmond 1973 WCF

Originally Posted by dankok8
They guy with 1-4 (25%) is worse... imagine what he would shoot if he took 30 shots?

Truth is both teams in the '72 WCF shot an atrocious % that Kareem's 45.7% mark was actually pretty good. See below.

Anyways here is what Wilt himself said on the outcome of the series... "We weren't out there to beat Kareem (Jabbar). He had a fantastic series, but we just did things as a team."

And it's true... McMillian scored a career-high 42 points to save Game 2 which LA won by 1 point. If Bucks went up 2-0 it would probably be over and yet Jim is never praised for one of the greatest performances by a role player ever!

Then West who struggled all series long took over the 4th quarter of Game 6 alongside Wilt.

Here are the overall stats for the '72 WCF series:

Bucks - 43.8% shooting, 59.7 rebounds per game, 22.0 FTA's per game
Lakers - 40.5% shooting, 55.7 rebounds per game, 36.5 FTA's per game

The free throw disparity seems enormous and in fact articles mention that Bucks coach Larry Costello was complaining about the officiating a lot.

Notice the low shooting % also...

I'm willing to bet that the Bucks also lost this series because with Oscar injured and back-up guards as well (McGlocklin and Jones) their ball-handling was horrific. Their turnovers were probably through the roof.

KAJ shot .414 in the last four games of that series, three of them Laker wins, including two in Milwaukee (and a blowout win in LA in game five.)

If KAJ outplayed Wilt in that series, it was by a small margin. And once again, this was a PEAK Kareem, and an old Wilt (playing on a surgically repaired knee.)

It's too bad we didn't get to see a PEAK Chamberlain going H2H with a peak Kareem.
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