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Default Re: Wilt Chamberlain vs Nate Thurmond 1973 WCF

Originally Posted by La Frescobaldi

Chamberlain seldom took any shots at all by that time, virtually all of his scoring was putbacks. He was a purely defensive C by then, not even 4th option. You'd know that if you knew anything about '70s NBA.

Competition? This exact thread is talking about his competition, 6'11 Nate Thurmond & 7'3 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - both supremely better players than any and every center in today's NBA.

And a prime Chamberlain dominated Thurmond FAR more than a prime KAJ did, too.

How about this...(and thanks to Julizaver BTW)...

And I have read others who used KAJ and Nate H2H's after that '73 season. But Thurmond was already in a rapid state of decline in that 73-74 season (a huge dropoff from 72-73), and was basically on the bench after that.

Meanwhile, a "scoring" Wilt just pummelled Thurmond at BOTH ends of the floor in their H2H's, and even into Wilt's 66-67 season (in which he dramatically cut back his scoring)...and in which Wilt had as many 30+ games in their first 12, as KAJ did against Nate in some 40-50 H2Hs. And, Chamberlain was waxing Nate by margins of 38-15 and 45-13 in two of those games. A prime KAJ never approached those numbers, nor that domination.
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