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Default Re: Wilt Chamberlain vs Nate Thurmond 1973 WCF

Originally Posted by dankok8
There is a correlation between number of shots taken and FG% you know. Wilt took 18 shots in the series while Nate took 83. It's foolish to take the FG% difference at face value when one guy took over 4 times as many shots.

In the 72-73 season series against Kareem (where he outshot him .737 to .450) Wilt took a total of 38 shots compared to 180 for Kareem. Anyways why don't you also post what happened in the other 5 games they played that season?

In the '72 WCF (where Kareem outshot Wilt 45.7% to 45.2% BTW) Wilt took a total of 42 shots while Kareem took 197.

It's ridiculously stupid to compare FG% of players taking vastly different numbers of shots.

Congrats to the OP for another informative thread!

From the stats and the recaps I've read it seems Nate definitely got the better of Wilt in Game 1 and 4. Chamberlain did outplay him in the other 3 games though which is quite impressive considering his age.

I agree with some of this...but your point about KAJ outshooting Chamberlain in the '72 WCF's is also mis-leading. Kareem shot .457 in that series, which was not much more than the regular season NBA at .455 (and way below Kareem's .574 regular season FG%.) Furthermore, he couldn't hit a shot for his life in the last four games of that series, only going .414...and was HURTING his team. Wilt missed a total of 20 shots in that series, so his .452 was basically meaningless.

At a certain point, it all boils down to this...who is the worse shooter, the guy who shoots 1-4, or the guy who shoots 10-30?

As for the rest of the Wilt-Nate and Wilt-KAJ post-season H2H's, Chamberlain was considerably more efficient from the field, a much better rebounder, a much better shot-blocker, and a better team defender, as well. And once again, he reduced KAJ and Nate to just horrible shooting.
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