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Default Re: Wilt Chamberlain vs Nate Thurmond 1973 WCF

*My estimation based on komwn information about Wilt blocked 70 shots in first 10 games (49 against Bulls and 21 in first 3 meetings with Warriors)

I didn't keep sources, but I had Wilt at 23 blocked shots in these 3 games (8+7+8). Also, I have noted that he had "many" blocks in game 4 and 6 in game 5.
To go one step beyond, I have also seen at least one sourse credit him with 7 blocks in Game 1 of the 1973 Finals, 7 in Game 3 and he had 1 or 2 in Game 5. So, this would give him 92-95 blocked shots in 14 out of his 17 playoff games that postseason.
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