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Default Re: 2013-14 Premier League Weekly Matchups Thread

Week 7

The DZW Matchup Of The Week:

4. Rameek's Year (4-2-0)


6. Overdosed (4-2-0)

Key player matchup:


Seems like an insane mis-match, but the Spurs play 3 bad teams this week, which might result in Duncan sitting the bench quite a bit. Henson must built off his recent success as a starter if Overdosed wants to stay competitive this week

Total games played:

Rameek's Year - 37
Overdosed - 38


Overdosed wins, 5-4

The Air Seth Drool-Fest Of The Week:

12. El Bobcatos 2013 (2-4-0)


13. Keep Floatin' (1-5-0)

Key player matchup:


Both drafted in the top 10 of the 2010 draft, both have had successes despite very different paths. Each play a big part in the defensive stats which are huge this week

Total Games Played:

El Bobcatos - 43
Keep Floatin - 41

Keep Floatin wins 6-3!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rest of the Games:

1. Iamgine vs 11. Sizz
Projected winner: Iamgine (6-3)
2. 313 vs 14. Shit Squad
Projected winner: 313 (6-3)
3. Team OJ Mayo vs 9. Big Poppa PUMPIN
Projected winner: Team OJ Mayo (5-4)
5. D.R.A.K.E vs 10. Pocahontas
Projected winner: Pocahontas (6-3)
7. Lurkers vs 8. G-Train
Projected winner: Lurkers (6-3)
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