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Default Re: David Robinson or Tim Duncan

Originally Posted by SamuraiSWISH
People exposing themselves having never seen D-Rob with statements saying such nonsense like Tim Duncan ran the floor better? My god, completely inaccurate. Tim Duncan isn't near the athletic specimen David Robinson was. Like it's not even close.

David Robinson is one of the most freak athletes to hit the NBA this side of Wilt, LeBron, Shaq, etc. The combination package of size, strength, speed, quickness. Virtually un-matched. Had a physique chiseled by god out of stone.

I think David Robinson easily has the higher peak play, particularly in the regular season. Tim Duncan was probably a better playoff performer. But Tim was blessed with in most likelihood a superior supporting cast, and easily a better coach than D-Rob had to work with through much of his career.

I have no problem with people putting Duncan on their top 10 list. DRob was a beast athlete, for sure, and he had a J, and he could block shots. But he just wasn't that good. He was like the best case 7'1 Amare. Beast player, but he didn't really have the mentality to be an all time great.

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