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Default Re: 9 more days until Bulls basketball!!!!!

Going to be an exciting season for sure. Hopefully the roster as a whole remains completely healthy because I really want to see what this team can do at full health. We have the potential to be champions. That says alot. We are contenders in almost every ones eyes I believe, but I don't think many think we will be the ones to come out on top at the end. It's extremely difficult to win three in a row and that's not to say the Heat aren't capable of it, but I think they will fall short this year and I think the Bulls matchup really well against everyone.

Defensively we can limit every team. It's going to be extremely difficult to beat us in a seven game series.

Excited to see Rose. I really think he has improved and that's saying alot.

We don't need the other guys to score alot we just need them to score efficiently and I think they can all do that pretty well.

Still feel we need to add another C, but let's see how that goes.

Can't wait for this season. GO BULLS!!!!!!!
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