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Default Re: 9 more days until Bulls basketball!!!!!

I can't wait to watch this season, regardless of my extreme pessimism. I can see the Bulls doing really well in the regular season, but given the history of injury on this roster, it scares the living shit out of me. Not only that, Boozer isn't a legit post-season star. We're in basketball hell this season, even if 100%. Let's be realistic guys, the Bulls can make noise against Miami but ultimately Miami will be the better team by a wide margin in every game, and they have the best player in the world at the the NBA, that just says you have no chance.

When Boozer and Dengs current contracts are off the books, then maybe I can believe again. Until then, those two guys and D Rose by himself just are not enough. Everyone else worth a damn on the roster is still inexperienced.

I hope Snell somehow gets some time this season, though Thibs usually likes to develop his rooks before throwing them in, which is really beneficial to their development in the long run. I think he has the ability to be a better than average player in the NBA with time.
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