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Default Re: Horace Grant: "Michael would average 45 PPG today"

Originally Posted by juju151111
What's your point? Smh You said he couldn't which mean it's not possible. It is possible in a certain system that allows him to take that amount of shots. Mj wasn't some injury prone softy. Mj played 40+ mpg and 40 mpg in the playoffs. Right now teams are more balance and they changed their systems. They don't want one player taking that much shots, but they could if they want too. Look at Kobe before he got injured last year year. His coach told him to eff it and shoot has much has he wants. He went back to his young Kobe dats with 40 mpg shooting crazy. The only difference was he was 34 and his body not use to doing that for years. I'm really confused here. So you think the 92 or 96 bulls couldn't play today?

If you took the 92 bulls and dropped them directly into todays game they would not be contenders. They'd be a playoff team, but teams would pack the paint on them so easily. It's just a different era. You build a team to compete in their era, and we should only judge teams based on how they played against teams in there own era.

They would need 3 point shooters to compete today. If they retooled with some shooters to space the floor they could be the best team. MJ would be the best player in the league either way. He'd probably have 21-24 FGA with 8-10 FT's. Maybe he'd top out at 35 ppg. Teams don't want one player taking to many shots because:

1. It's easier to zone and double team today. teams do it more and rotate more

2. Teams are trying to take more 3 point shots. This isn't arguable. The record for 3 point attempts will probably be broken again next year.
-3 pointers are worth more
-They're the best way to beat teams when they pack the pain

also on the "possible/impossible" comment. I guess I'm wrong and it's also possible that we're going to elect Nick Nolte as our next POTUS

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