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Default Re: Horace Grant: "Michael would average 45 PPG today"

Originally Posted by ralph_i_el
Tmac's highest scoring year was 32 points on 24 shots
Kobe was 35 on 27
AI was 31 ppg on 28 shots
Jordan was 37 on 28 shots

If you think D is still played like it was when they were taking that many shots, it would be useless to argue with you because you haven't watched basketball in years. There's a reason why the leader in ppg took only 22 shots a game this year. Jordan would have to shoot an obscene % and lead the league in usage by a HUGE amount to score 40 ppg much less 45.

here's a list of every player to take 25 shots or more per game since 2008:

What's your point? Smh You said he couldn't which mean it's not possible. It is possible in a certain system that allows him to take that amount of shots. Mj wasn't some injury prone softy. Mj played 40+ mpg and 40 mpg in the playoffs. Right now teams are more balance and they changed their systems. They don't want one player taking that much shots, but they could if they want too. Look at Kobe before he got injured last year year. His coach told him to eff it and shoot has much has he wants. He went back to his young Kobe dats with 40 mpg shooting crazy. The only difference was he was 34 and his body not use to doing that for years. I'm really confused here. So you think the 92 or 96 bulls couldn't play today? Mj shot less and still avg 30 ppg

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