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Default Re: the only man to win multiple championships without another NBA hall of famer

Originally Posted by DMAVS41
Steven Nash will for sure make the Hall. His rating is less than Gasol's.

Look at some of the other players on that list that made the Hall;

Dumars with a .4673

The fact that Dumars is in the Hall destroys you. It's over.

Gasol has better numbers...same number of titles...Dumars only played 14 seasons total

Dumars is in. That means Gasol is a lock on NBA play alone. End of story. There is no way you could have Dumars in the Hall of Fame and Gasol not in...would be idiotic.


The average player who makes the hall is .83

Nash has 2 mvps and is top 5 all time in assists. Made multiple 1st teams

Hes also statistically the greatest shooter ever.

Dumars is a defensive legend and finals mvp

Pau gasol is not top 50 at any aspect of basketball. Nore does he have any awards or 1st teams. He only has 1 second team

Theres ways to make the hall without a great rating. But pau doesnt have any of them

Keep trying ;)
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