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Default Re: Horace Grant: "Michael would average 45 PPG today"

Originally Posted by ralph_i_el
yeah but kobe took 27 shots a game and scored 35 ppg...not 45.
In jordan's 2 best scoring years his team played at around a 96 pace which was the slowest in the league. The year Kobe scored 35 ppg the lakers were the 15th fastest paced team in the league....AT A PACE OF 91.

Prime Jordan wouldn't put up 40 ppg on a playoff team today. FACT
Yes he would. He would of dominanted those suns team. What's your point? 96 pace isn't some crazy number and Mj was more efficient and way better then Kobe. You just said Mj wouldn't be able to launch 27-30 shots today when playerrs like Iverson,tmac, and Kobe have. Mj has the stamina and is use to doing it. Kobe playoff career can't comepare to Mj in terms of efficiency.
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