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Default Re: Horace Grant: "Michael would average 45 PPG today"

Originally Posted by juju151111
This makes zero sense. Why wouldn't Mj be able to launch around 27-8 shots a game. Kobe did it in 07. The only reason he stopped was a better team and ball movement. The bulls were one of the slowest pace teams of that era.

yeah but kobe took 27 shots a game and scored 35 ppg...not 45.
In jordan's 2 best scoring years his team played at around a 96 pace which was the SLOWEST in the league. The year Kobe scored 35 ppg the lakers were the 15th fastest paced team in the league....AT A PACE OF 91. That's why stats from the Jordan era are always inflated.

Prime Jordan wouldn't put up 40 ppg on a playoff team today. FACT
He'd be able to do it with which a shameless display of chucking on a losing team possibly. 45 ppg is basically a statistical impossibility

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