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Default Re: Horace Grant: "Michael would average 45 PPG today"

Originally Posted by ralph_i_el
"Players today get bailed out by tons of free throws"
-they shot more free throws in the jordan era

"Defenses are soft today"
-No evidence to this. Just because you can't blow a dude up with an elbow in the paint and get away with just free throws doesn't mean defenses are bad
-Also, when they got rid of handchecking they also got rid of illegal defense. Look up the definition of illegal D and tell me getting rid of that would have helped jordan. if you believe that, you weren't watching the celtics win in '08 with the thibideu D that is all the rage now.

Also jordan put up most of his 30+ ppg seasons when the league was playing at a much faster pace than they do today and scoring was much higher. What makes you think jordan would be able to hoist 30 attempts a game when Melo only took 22 this year and led the league. Only 9 players averaged 20+ ppg last year when the average year has more than 20 players scoring 20 ppg. So i guess in jordan stans minds not only are D's worse today, but offensive players today are EVEN WORSE THAN THAT. That's froggin bullshorts
This makes zero sense. Why wouldn't Mj be able to launch around 27-8 shots a game. Kobe did it in 07. The only reason he stopped was a better team and ball movement. The bulls were one of the slowest pace teams of that era.
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