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Default Re: Horace Grant: "Michael would average 45 PPG today"

Originally Posted by Pointguard
Handchecking was a primarily a post defensive move. I just don't recall guys hand checking Kiki, Chris Mullen and Alex English. It wasn't something you just do wrecklessly and get away with it. If a player handchecked a guy pulling up for a jumpshot it was called a foul. Durant is primarily a pull up jump shooter. Is he not?

I'll give you that but for a shooter, he's rarely off. He rarely scores less than 25 points in a playoff game. And overall he had only one season where his FTs were really high.

Durant barely cracked 20 FGA per game once (20.3) and he rarely goes over 30 shots per game. I'm sure Kobe took more 29 or more FGA in '03 or '06 than Durant has taken in his life. Its definitely not a question of whether or not Durant can score 50 a couple of times, but its not likely if his coach has him on a diet. In the playoffs last year five of the eleven games he scored 35 or more points (and thirteen games like that over three years). That's more than anybody in the playoffs and he only played two rounds. He and Curry are the only ones to crack 40.

Over the last three years in the playoffs he has double the amount of games over 40 points than the next player, 4 times. So he's the most explosive scorer in the playoffs the last three years - Rose probably would have given him comp.
He drives to the basket a lot too which is why he gets his fts. Yes you could just because you find highlights of them going off doesn't mean much. They allowed way more contact off the ball movement when the player tries to get into his spot.

His playoff scoring isnt on Mj level through which is my point. I like Durant and think he can actually equal Mj in scoring because he that good, but Durant still needs to prove he can be rediculous scoring explosion. We will see with those few months without Westbrook.

The same reason your praising him about how little fga he has you should be praising MJ. With the amount of shots MJ took and having that high of a ts%. Mj taking less shots and looking at for his FG% would of bump his ts% up.
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