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Default Re: Horace Grant: "Michael would average 45 PPG today"

"Players today get bailed out by tons of free throws"
-they shot more free throws in the jordan era

"Defenses are soft today"
-No evidence to this. Just because you can't blow a dude up with an elbow in the paint and get away with just free throws doesn't mean defenses are bad
-Also, when they got rid of handchecking they also got rid of illegal defense. Look up the definition of illegal D and tell me getting rid of that would have helped jordan. if you believe that, you weren't watching the celtics win in '08 with the thibideu D that is all the rage now.

Also jordan put up most of his 30+ ppg seasons when the league was playing at a much faster pace than they do today and scoring was much higher. What makes you think jordan would be able to hoist 30 attempts a game when Melo only took 22 this year and led the league. Only 9 players averaged 20+ ppg last year when the average year has more than 20 players scoring 20 ppg. So i guess in jordan stans minds not only are D's worse today, but offensive players today are EVEN WORSE THAN THAT. That's froggin bullshorts

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