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Default Re: Horace Grant: "Michael would average 45 PPG today"

Originally Posted by juju151111
He would get handchecked on his drives. Durant shot can be off but still get off from fts.That ripped through move and those tic tact fouls. Kobe had his 40 or streak in 03 he was explosive. Durant would score in any era through he is that great. Durant never scored 35 ppg on 60%ts being the only featured man on your team. You can't compare Mj to Durant has scorers. Mj was putting up 50+ games at age 39 with no knees and moved like a snail. Durant can barly crack 50 more than twice. I want to see Durant this season through he about to enter his prime basically and his body looks bigger this year. We will see in 2 years. Also look at playoffs stats too. Has KD ever been that explosive in the playoffs.
Durant would get even more FTAs in the late 80s-early 90s than today. 90s stans here always rave about the physicality of that era, but they forget to add that the whistle was blown for every single contact and then some more.

There is a reason it was the era with the most FTAs in the history.
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