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Default Re: 09 Lebron vs 03 Kobe bryant

Originally Posted by DMAVS41
Lebron was better because he played better in the playoffs.

35/9/7 62% TS vs 32/5/5 53% TS

Can't wait to hear how Kobe's is better.

Meh. I take those numbers from LeBron with a grain of salt. Does anybody really care that LeBron was able to put up 38/8/7, 29/13/6, 25/11/9, and 36/13/8 against a team that was under .500?

Even his numbers against the Hawks... I mean, I guess those numbers are pretty impressive because the Hawks were able to beat peak Wade ( ) that year, but in reality.... it's the Hawks. The Cavs won the first two games by a combined 47 points. And we all know that playing @ the Hawks is like playing in a neutral arena... so again, is it really that impressive?

And his series against Orlando is unbelievably overrated. He had the amazing first game (a game that they lost) where he put up 49 points on 20-30 shooting which really skews the overall numbers. He was superb again in Game 2 when he hit the buzzer beater to win the game.

But after that? He just chucked a lot of shots on poor efficiency, got to the line an ABSURD amount of times (in fact, he shot 9+ FTs in all 14 games he played in during the '09 playofffs ), and was atrocious late in games. Countless costly turnovers, disappeared in your beloved elimination game, and just didn't have the impact that his numbers would suggest.
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