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Default Re: the only man to win multiple championships without another NBA HOF team mate

I feel bad for Gasol. Even though he can play extremely soft, I feel like he's a very likable player and guy in general. Dude has great basketball fundamentals, isn't a diva f@ggot like a certain other elite big man who wore purple and gold last year, and seems like a very down to earth guy.

Not only that, but his playoff performances during '09, '10, and even '08 sans that Boston series are largely overlooked. Guy was a phenomenal second option and was huge for the Lakers year after year.

Even management treats him like shit, constantly putting him on the trading block despite all he has given to the franchise. I realize that the NBA is a business, but the amount of times the dude has been rumored to be in a trade is absurd.

Yet he doesn't make a big scene about it like a loser such as Dwight would, he just continues to play basketball. Gotta respect the man for being a professional at the very least.
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