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Default Re: the only man to win multiple championships without another NBA HOF team mate

Originally Posted by DMAVS41
I'm talking about the stance that Gasol was nothing without Kobe. A common stance.

I'm talking about people making threads about Kobe winning without a hall of fame teammate in 09 and 10. Which simply ISN'T the truth.

I'm talking about people like you that go off on tangents about Bosh on the Heat while Bosh has done nothing remotely approaching what Gasol did in 09 and 10...etc.

You want the facts?

Simple. Pau Gasol is a sure fire Hall of Famer on his NBA career alone.

End thread

Nobody said he was nothing without Kobe. That's why its called a strawman argument. You claim Kobe fans said something extreme that they never said and attempt to argue against the extreme stance that you just created out of thin air.

Originally Posted by DMAVS41
And on NBA's very close.

Which is it? "Sure fire"? or "very close"? You can't even maintain consistency on the same topic within the same thread and you wonder why nobody takes you seriously?
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