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Default Re: New cast for NBA TV's Open Court (be ready for some good stories!)

Originally Posted by BasedTom
What is C-Webb even doing nowadays? He's not on Open Court or Inside The NBA anymore? What a shame.

Part of the appeal of Open Court is that a lot of the Inside The NBA banter was alive in that show, along with some of the more serious guys like Kerr occasionally getting involved. I honestly don't see the new additions being all that good at it. I liked Miller too, he's better on Open Court than broadcasting games in my opinion.

I like Steve Kerr's sense of humor though. He is kind of subtle but he does make a few jabs now and then. He works well on the show too because being a role player he can add a different perspective. If everyone was an all-star then all of the stories would be about how good they used to be, where as the role players tend to be more humble and willing to admit what they lacked.

I wasn't a big fan of Brent Barry though, maybe he will settle in more as time goes on but he kind of felt out of place in the episodes I've seen him in so far.

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