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Default Re: 09 Lebron vs 03 Kobe bryant

Originally Posted by plowking
Bron was first team all NBA and all defense as well.
Bron was MVP.
Bron won 66 games.
He was sitting out 4th quarters that season, so his stats could have been even better.
He had a great playoffs.

And hes simply a more impactful player.

Kobe is great, but his peak wasn't something to be put against the top players. Hes great due to his consistent great play over the years.

I can't take anyone seriously when they say they'd take Kobe over Lebron first in a draft, knowing what we know now.

66wins in the East? Lol....But hey, we can agree to disagree. Cant go wrong with either. Its wat you prefer mostly I guess. Not getting into one of those long ass (i aint got no life) debates.

Also, I ****s wit the year 09' aswell because thats wen Kobe beat the Magic (who beat Lebron). Kobe 40-8-8 in game 1 was a fun game to watch.
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