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Default Re: Kerr says bulls couldnt win more than 3 in a row

Originally Posted by aj1987
Steve Kerr, the guy who actually played on the Bulls, should not have an opinion, but you, a guy who hasn't played a second of professional basketball can?

Are you an idiot? Kerr was not part of the first three-peat. Why should he have an opinion on whether or not they could have gotten four in a row. He played with Scottie Pippen in his aboslute prime and the best perimeter player in the league, Horace Grant an 14/11 all star all 2nd team defensive player, BJ who you found his role as a scoring pg etc. Steve kerr wasnt' part of the original three-peat so he SHOULD HAVE NO OPINION. The fact that they were so good while replacing michael jordan with pete myers should make Steve KNOW they should have won it all in 94.
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