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Default Re: Kerr says bulls couldnt win more than 3 in a row

Steve Kerr should have NO OPINION about this whatsoever. He joined the team in what did he know about the original three-peat besides being pounded by them? He actually played a lot of mins...a career high of 25mpg in 94 sharing mins with BJ armstrong and Pete Myers. I just don't really see why people cant' see them winning four in a row.

Mj had left and we all know that and they still won 55 games with Pippen missing 10 games and them going 4-6 during that span. Grant who was the 2nd best player also missed 12 games yet they still won 55 games. They replaced the best player in the world with a world class scrub in Pete Myers. If they had replaced Jordan with someone like Hershey Hawkins they might have beat the Knicks. Frankly they matched up better against the Pacers who they would have played in the ECF and then it would have been the Knicks who the Rockets needed 7 games to beat just like the Knicks needed 7 games (and a terrible call) to beat the bulls in 94.

Even if the Bulls coasted through the 93 season...every team amps it up in the playoffs and Pippen in his absolute prime, Grant in his prime, and Jordan? It's pretty hard to bet against that team.

The whole point though is why does Steve Kerr even have an opinion about the first three-peat? He did not join the team till 94. Jordan announced his retirement almost right before the season too, so Pippen had been working on his game and was in his absolute prime. (and it showed as he finished 3rd in MVP after Hakeem and Robinson) Pippen was universally considered the best perimeter player in the league in that 94 season. I just don't see why Kerr even has an opinion about a team he didn't join till Jordan left. How can he talk about the motivations or fatigue of players that he didn't even know? When he did join in 94 that was probably the scrappiest the Bulls had ever been. Obviously a lot of them had something to prove because Jordan was gone and they expected failure, but in general the triangle offense was never run so well as it was in 1994. Complete team offense. That was the whole goal of the plan and they played it to perfection. Pippen could have averaged 25ppg or so easily in 1994, but he was the ultimate team player and that is what made the team excel.

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