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Default Re: Oden had his first full practice... Is he really back?

Originally Posted by EnoughSaid
I HATE HATE HATE this idea that he should barely play in the regular season and then just play 20+ minutes in the Playoffs. If he's been cleared, feels great and apparently is playing like a monster around the basket, why not give him a shot? Start him out slow, like around 5-8 minutes a game, and if his knees are holding up and he's making progress, give him his time. My ultimate dream for this season would be for Beasley to break out, Oden to become a starter, and Wade to pour it on and just go ham. LeBron should relax and not have to worry as much about putting up insane stats night in and night out. Having LeBron at 24/8/8 on like 55% at around 35MPG would be ideal.

Those aren't insane stats?
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