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Kobe= 1st round loser
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Default Re: Was 2013 Nate Robinson more impactful against the Heat than Rose in 2011?

Originally Posted by aj1987
Pass it to who? Wasn't Deng shooting ~40%?

Anyone who doesn't have Kobe in their top 10 IS an idiot.

Deng's defense helps teams win. He is a good player certainly better than a backup.

Actually it is the opposite. Kobe is not even close to top 10 of all time. Prime Kobe could not even win a single playoff series in the 3 seasons he got without a prime HOF big man. He led his team to 2 7th seeds (both first round losses) and then a missed playoffs. And that was PRIME Kobe.

He is the most overrated athlete of modern times.
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