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Default Re: RUMOR: Lakers Shopping Gasol For Eastern Conf.Star PG?

Some two-way trades I tried in NBA Trade Machine that were successful...

Lakers get: Rajon Rondo, Gerald Wallace
Celtics get: Pau Gasol, Jodie Meeks

Analysis: Boston goes into full rebuild mode and Gasol's $19 contract will come off the books after this year making them prime to start rebuilding. Rondo goes to a contender and with Nash on his way out soon the Lakers can possibly make one last push with Kobe for the Finals before he retires. The cost is that the price they pay is taking on Wallace's contract for $10+ million for the next 3 years.


Lakers get: Kemba Walker, Ben Gordon
Bobcats get: Pau Gasol

Not likely. Walker is a ball-dominate. Won't mesh with Kobe. But Jordan might be dumb enough to do the trade. Maybe he'll even throw MKG in there too just because he doesn't know what the f*ck he's doing.


Lakers get: Rodney Stucky, Charlie Villanueva
Bobcats get: Pau Gasol

I really think Stucky needs a change of scenery. I think he's still a solid PG/SG in the league, but is always injuries and maybe a new team with a better outlook might do him some good.


Lakers get: Jameer Nelson, Hedo Turkoglu
Magic get: Pau Gasol

This trade out of all them makes the most sense. The Magic are in full rebuild mode right now. They get Gasol for one year, probably make him sit most of the year and his $19 million expires after this season. They get rid of Turkoglu, then they depart ways with Nelson who has 2 years left on his contract since Oladipo will probably be the Magic's future PG at least short-term right now unless he doesn't work out (which so far he's been pretty decent as a scoring PG). Nelson isn't "young" but he's still a good PG and can help with one last push for the playoffs before Kobe retires.

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