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Default Re: the only man to win multiple championships without another NBA HOF team mate

Originally Posted by secund2nun
You would think they would bow down to Gasol after saving the Lakers for 3 seasons of prime Kobe failing to even get them a playoff series win and then also for Gasol outplaying Kobe in the 09 and 10 finals.

Not to mention the main reason Gasol hasn't been himself since the 11 playoffs was being forced out of his comfort zone by Bynum and then Howard.

He was a 19/10/3 59% TS 23.3 PER guy in the 2011 regular season. It was Bynum coming back and playing more minutes and taking Gasol away from what he did best that messed with the Lakers chemistry and Gasol's effectiveness.

He was absurdly good as a 2nd option from 08 through 11. And I bet you see him get back to producing very well if his idiotic coach can put him in the right position to excel.
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