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Default Re: the only man to win multiple championships without another NBA HOF team mate

Originally Posted by DMAVS41
It won't take 20 years for Gasol to get in. He'll get in very quickly. He's borderline on his NBA resume alone.

But what is the point of this thread?

Jason Kidd is a first ballot hall of famer. Yet 09 and 10 Gasol was probably twice as good as 11 Kidd.

So what is the point of this thread?

if thats the case then who isnt a hall of famer

how many guys in the nba dont around 4 reserve allstar games and a single 2nd team all nba

and his current average isnt even what he'l retire with


2011 - 18.8ppg, 52%
2012 - 17.4ppg, 50%
2013 - 13.7ppg, 46%

he'l play 4-5 more years


best case
2014 - 17ppg
2015 - 16ppg
2016 - 16ppg
2017 - 14ppg
2018 - 12ppg

worst case
2014 - 14ppg
2015 - 13ppg
2016 - 13ppg
2017 - 11ppg
2018 - 9ppg

no matter what.. his career average will drop from 18/9 to around 16/8

and worst case ( based on his current body conditioning ) ... his career average will drop from 18/9 to 15/7

so even with just 1 post prime drop off season. his career average is boarderline hall of famer

by the time hes retired.. he wont have a chance in hell at making it

shaq had a 27ppg career average... it dropped to 24ppg after his last few years of being tossed around hanging onto his playing days
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