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Default Re: the only man to win multiple championships without another NBA hall of famer

Originally Posted by Kblaze8855
Gasol is going to the hall. He wont be the least accomplished hall of famer either. Not even among bigmen. Or bigmen who made it mostly off the NBA. Walt bellamy is like a 4 time al lstar, put up numbers in college that didnt lead to much, didnt do much in the playoffs, and won as the 4th or so best player on an olympic team with oscar, west, Lucas and some others.

And make the team or not Pau has been an all star level player more than 10 years in a row. He was playing superstar bigmen as a near equal when he was a rookie.

Gasol isnt some all time elite. But hes a HOF level player.

Your example Walt Bellamy is a weird example to use when trying to argue that lesser players than Gasol made the HOF.

Bellamy had a 32ppg/19rpg rookie year..

Played 14 years and has a career average of 20 & 14 and is one of only 7 players all time to have 20,000+ points & 14,000 + rebounds

Also when he retired he was 6th all time in scoring & 3rd all time in career rebounding behind only Wilt & Russell..
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