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Default Re: the only man to win multiple championships without another NBA HOF team mate

Originally Posted by DMAVS41
There is only one basketball hall of fame. Therefore your claim is false.

And on NBA's very close. I bet he'd probably get in on NBA alone actually.

But this thread is so pointless. In 2011...Dirk won a title without anyone as good as Gasol. The hall of famer thing is just stupid of the hall of famer in question is well past his prime.

yes but there are classifications as to what part of the naismith hall of fame theyre nominated to

for instance.. yao ming was nominated as international contributer to the naismith hall of fame.. he wont go in as an nba player

i think after paus last few years bump his career average down to around 16ppg... he'l be floating around missing out on ballots for 10-20 years.. then finally make it as an I.C. hall of famer
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