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Default Re: Sources: Bill Simmons is the reason Magic Johnson left ESPN

Originally Posted by chips93

most of the basketball stuff on grantland would go over the heads of your typical casual fan, who the espn show is trying to attract.

they dont have to worry about the diehards, which is what grantland appeals to, because diehards will watch regardless

Theyre probably willing to try anything because right now their pre game and half time coverage attracts nobody.

Also, ESPN has been hiring too many former players for their sports coverage in recent years. A person doesnt necessarily analyze a sport well just because they played it well. Some former athletes are great on TV - many others are not.

Seems like the minute any high profile athlete hangs it up, ESPN throws a contract at him.

Emmit ****ing Smith LMFAO.

I dont think they even audition these guys.

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