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Default Re: Anyone know why Byron Mullens started shooting 3's?

Wasn't the Bobcats fault here. Mullens decided to expand his range because he could not score in any other ways at the NBA level.

At the college level he got most his points by finishing at the basket over smaller players and has not been able to get those same looks as an NBA player. Even back in his college days he only managed to get about 3 possessions or so per game with his back to the basket and was not able to score effectively when he did get the ball (less than 1 point per possession).

So he started working on his jump-shot. His first few months as a Bobcat he could not miss a long 2 or 3 pointer, and he got overconfident in the shot. Got to the point that we chose to play guys like Josh McRoberts over him because he literally contributed nothing but chucking long jumpers.
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