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Default Was 2013 Nate Robinson more impactful against the Heat than Rose in 2011?

Let's start with the stats.

- Rose put up 23.4/4.0/6.6 on .35/.23/.81
- Nate put up 15.2/4.0/5.6 on .33/.31/.73

They both shot at VERY low efficiency but Nate played smarter since he distributed the ball to his teammates, whereas Rose just chucked the ball the whole series. This is evident by Nate taking a total pf 66 FGA and Rose 120. Another plus with Nate is that you can rely on him in the clutch. With Rose, we all know he'll miss at least one free throw at the end of a closely contested game.

The end result was both players leading their team to 1 win and 4 straight losses.

Edit: I incorrectly listed Nate FT% as 79%. The correct FT% is 73.3

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