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Default Re: Derrick Rose is the player Lebron couldnt be.

Originally Posted by demons2005
This is such an asinine argument. Obviously he wasn't better than those guys when injured because he wasn't playing, but he was consensus best PG before he got injured by anyone with half a brain. Now he is healthy and by all accounts more athletic than ever, worked on his jumpshot and IQ while injured.

The only one who has a argument of being as important a player this season is Durant but his team got much worse. It's pretty obvious that the only comparison with Lebron this year is Rose otherwise why would Lebron fans all be so worried and obsessed with Rose. You don't see them posting 100x about Durant or Deron.

I don't know any Lebron fan that's worried about Rose. I actually enjoy watching Rose getting dominated by the Heat. Remember, making fun of rose is not the same as fearing him.
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