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Kobe= 1st round loser
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Default Re: Derrick Rose is the player Lebron couldnt be.

Originally Posted by kNicKz
Lebron Rookie Season: .417 FG%

Derrick Rose Rookie Season: .475 FG%

Lebron was an 18 year old rookie playing on a lottery team. The very next year he shot 47% and every season after shot he has hit 48% or higher (except for 47.6% one season).

Meanwhile Rose has shot 44.5% and 43.5% the last 2 seasons as a 23 and 24 year old. He is regressing and those 2 seasons are clear chucking seasons.

Lebron= 1 chucking season out of 10 seasons- and that one was as a 18 year old rookie

Rose= 2 chucking seasons out of 4
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